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Easy to Use

VITBLISS vitamin cards come in convenient multi-dosage cups, ensuring you never forget to take your vitamins daily. Just pop the cup open, and you're good to go!

High Quality

Our vitamins are produced in the Netherlands using the purest raw materials. Every step of the production process is meticulously controlled to ensure top-tier quality.

Pharmacist Expertise

Our vitamin cards are produced in collaboration with local pharmacists, true health care experts. The pharmacy adheres to stringent packaging standards and operates in safe production facilities, guaranteeing our customers' highest quality and safety.

Convenient & Flexible

VITBLISS vitamin cards are delivered directly to your mailbox, so there's no need to wait around. The cups can be easily torn off and taken with you to work or on holidays, ensuring you never miss a dose.


Tailor your wellness journey with VITBLISS. Choose from our curated vitamin cards based on your health goals or create your own, ensuring the right daily dose of vitamins and minerals just for you.

Our VITBLISS vitamin Cards

The vitamin card is a handy tool for taking different vitamins for 28 days.

The vitamin card provides an overview of the different vitamins that are necessary to achieve the intended personal goal. The card contains a cup with the right amount of vitamins for every day. In addition, the card contains a list with a description of the vitamin and active substances.

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How it works

1. Carefully composed

Our vitamin cards have been carefully compiled by dietitians, nutritionists and vitamin experts. The VITBLISS vitamins are produced in the Netherlands using the best and purest raw materials. The entire production process is controlled step by step.

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2. Tailored to your needs

The vitamin cards are tailored to the goal you have in mind. If you do not yet know which card is most suitable for you, you can use the vitamin guide. The VITBLISS vitamin guide helps you find the best vitamin card for you in 3 easy steps.

Vitamin Guide

3. Your VITBLISS vitamin card

Order your VITBLISS vitamin card and receive the card in your mailbox. The card contains the daily amount for exactly 28 days. The cups of the card can be easily torn off and taken with you when you go out for a day, for example.

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Trusted by our customers

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With the Vitamin Sports Card I now have the right support for my fitness routine.

- K. Brakmeier, Amsterdam

Luckily I came across the vitamin chart and I must say it is a great addition to my daily routine....

- V. van der Zee, Beverwijk


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